Softly Spoken

I am reminded of the story of the Prophet Elijah when he ran into a cave after being threatened by Jezebel that he had an experience with the Lord. While in the cave the Lord told Elijah to go and stand before him upon the mount. While upon the mount a wind came through and tore up part of the mountain, then an earthquake,  and after the earthquake a fire. Now I am sure that these things caused a great deal of noise, and these were patterns that the Lord had moved in before, but the scripture said that through all of this noise the Lord was not in any of it. It doesn’t matter the noise that we hear, in and around us, we have to be able to hear that still small voice. It is that still small voice of God that we have to be able to hear in order for us to remain calm during the noise.
Don’t get caught up with the way the Lord moved before in your life; neither let the noise of life distract you, but be still and know the Lord when He speaks through that still small voice. 1 Kings19:11-12