Body of Christ: A Puzzle

life__s_a_puzzle__by_shutter_shooter-d4vcg0pSometimes life can be a complicated puzzle that seem so hard to fit the pieces together. Everything look so similar, and the colors seem to match, but no matter how hard we try… just won’t fit. We scratch our heads in bewilderment on how that particular piece will not fit. No matter how similar that piece may seem to be with that attachment, it still will not work. We attempt to do the border of the puzzle and begin to work our way in. I know that when I have worked diligently on a puzzle, I believe that I have accomplished something by finishing that outline. Once the outline is complete, I can begin to work my way inward to see if I can accomplish this beautiful picture that has been displayed before me on this box that every little piece of this puzzle has come from.

IMG_1747I believe (in a way) that the Lord designed us to be like a puzzle. I say this because 1 Corinthians 12:14 says, “For the body is not one member, but many.” Though the puzzle has many members, yet collectively, it is still one body. It is a body that is designed to give us the enjoyment of seeing the finished product of what  the original maker of the puzzle intended for us to see. One purpose of the puzzle is to help our brain develop in many different types of cognitive skills. We can develop logic skills, social skills, and problem solving skills by working on puzzles.

This is why the Lord developed us to be so different from one another because HE desires for us to be a body of people that can speak the same thing, and not be divided in the way we believe and serve HIM (1 Corinthians 1:10). We must all have the mind of Christ in order to work together with oneness to show this world the BIG PICTURE ( Philippians 2:5; Romans 8:5) and that big picture is the salvation of Christ in our lives, giving HIM all of the glory.  Once we can mind these things, then we will not have any problems coming together to solve whatever issues that plague the body of Christ.

Though each piece of the puzzle is different, it doesn’t mean that the pieces are insignificant. Just because I am not the border, it does not mean that the border is not needed (1 Corinthians 12:15). The border plays an important role to the puzzle. The border shows how far we can go. The word of God is our border, and we have to stay in those confinements in order for the picture to be a successful one. Though we have liberty in Christ, we should not use this liberty to do whatever we wish to do (1 Peter 2:16).

The differences of the puzzle is what cause it to be unique. No piece of a puzzle (that I know of) will ever jump away from the particular box that it has been placed in. Each piece of the puzzle realizes that their piece play a significant role in the puzzle. Once your piece is placed, you must stay there in order to give the viewer enjoyment and satisfaction. God has placed each person significantly in the body of Christ as it pleases HIM, so that we can be enhanced by the beauty of the puzzle maker (1 Corinthians 12:18).puzzle-3

We cannot run away from the picture that we are designed to be a part of. Our lives are designed to give GOD glory, no matter how much we think we do not play a role in the body. We are all pieces to the puzzle, and when our piece is not in its proper place, the picture becomes useless, and those that are waiting on the finish work will never be able to see it (Romans 8:19). Though things may be difficult, allow the puzzler to place you right where you belong because your life is being strategically placed, so others can see the glory of God shine through you!


Always remember, no two pieces of the puzzle are the same, but together we can help others see the BIG PICTURE!!!!

1 Corinthians 12:12-31

2 thoughts on “Body of Christ: A Puzzle

  1. This was quite refreshing & the analogy is great! The reminder to be sure that we are in the position in Christ hat we have been called to is important indeed, especially in light of the other members waiting for us! As a former youth camp director, it reminds me of our camp slogan: “Be where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there”.


    1. Thank you my friend. Positioning is so important for all in the body of Christ. Just like football, if the offensive line is not positioned properly and don’t block, the quarterback will suffer severely. Thank you once again and God Bless!


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