My first car was a standard, and I purchased it because I knew that many people didn’t know how to drive one. If anyone would ask to drive the car I would say, “If you can drive a standard you can drive my car.” I went on like this for a while until I got tired of taking people all over the place. I soon got tired of being a taxi and taking people everywhere and realized it was time for me to teach others how to “SHIFT.”

Shift means to change or to cause (something) to change to a different opinion, or belief. It is our responsibility to help others shift into their proper place in Christ. Not everyone can get out of that first gear like they should, but if we are patient with them through the erking and jerking of life; they will make it.

Once a person get past first gear with a smooth transition, they are on the road to driving with ease. Once that individual has learned how to shift properly, he/she can be on a hill at a standstill, and move forward without moving backwards and hitting someone. That confidence level is built up, and shifting becomes easy over time, and there is no thought required on what gear is next. Our confidence is built up by trusting in God’s word, and obeying His every command.

Let’s learn how to shift, so we can reach the speed and potential that Christ is desiring us to reach. If we do not shift at the right time, we can burn our clutch and tear up the car. Let’s not get burnt out and break down our spiritual cars by not shifting when it’s time for us to move to our next position in Christ.

Be Blessed!!!!!

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  1. Janice,
    Thank you for another wonderful perspective. Shifting gears is a good analogy for the spiritual walk pertaining to a Christian’s life. Spiritual maturity depends upon an ongoing change, as we shift from selfish desires of our flesh, to being led by the Holy Spirit.

    Having been ALREADY freed from the bondage of sin, every temptation is now simply a matter of choice. Do we follow the right voice, or allow the liar to lure us into that which is contrary to what we already know God’s revealed perfect will to be?

    Regarding specific areas of temptation that, because of frequency have become habitual, the victory lies NOT in breaking bondage (for it has ALREADY been broken by Christ’s sacrifice), but in willingly ACCEPTING the victory, and then CHOOSING to walk in it by shifting in the right direction.

    The reason we continue in habitual behavior is NOT because we are powerless to overcome temptation, but because we have not allowed God’s PERFECT alternative to replace that which is comfortable and convenient.

    Like stepping out of the boat onto a raging sea to meet Jesus, we trust His ability to walk on water, but we have a hard time imagining ourselves doing the same. So we cling to that which is known to bring us satisfaction, because what is familiar BY DEFAULT always takes priority over the unknown. The stick shift remains in neutral.

    Such is the constant hindrance of our flesh, cleaving always to the convenient and comfortable, resisting change and departure from the safety of familiarity. Gratification of the flesh numbs us like an appropriate dose of pain medication, whereas submitting to the spirit requires sacrifice of our fleshly desires; sacrifice is ALWAYS inconvenient, unfamiliar, and extremely uncomfortable.

    It is however, the choice we are given. Resist the devil and watch him flee as we fully surrender our will to God, or give in to temptation and postpone spiritual maturity and celebration of victory. Grace is sufficient in both choices (which is sadly misunderstood in too many circles), but as you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink, so it is that a Christian can be told what is right and still choose wrong. We trade eternal glory for temporal and momentary gratification. This is shifting into reverse.

    Until we decide that God’s will regarding our desires is REALLY superior (and therefore much more satisfying) we continue in that which is familiar, convenient, and merely SEEMINGLY more comfortable. Heeding the liar, we are always deceived.

    We must acknowledge, that although salvation has delivered us from the bondage of sin, we must be willing to SHIFT into the appropriate “gear” each and every time we encounter temptation.


    1. Yes! Your response is wonderful. Your statement about going in reverse made me think more about being on the hill. The devil will convince a seasoned and young saint that he /she may not be able to climb that hill of life. On that hill we are faced with the situation of rolling back or stalling. That clutch is our life because we have to press it down (put it under subjection) in order to shift, and we have to apply the gas (the word of God) in order to keep going. While we are on the hill of we jump into something to fast, meaning we come off the clutch too quick, we will stall. Hasty decisions always make us stall. Now if we keep our foot on the clutch and give too much gas we will get no where. We can’t hold on to Christ and the world. That puts us in a position of not getting nowhere and making a lot of noise. Only those that apply Christ while letting go of their lives can make it up that hill with ease.
      Bless you my brother. You are great encourager to me


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