Is Jesus your Lord?

The Mentored Life

Is Jesus your Lord?

According to him, not unless you do what he tells you. (Luke 6:46)

Do you want Jesus to be your Lord?

He tells you how to make this possible: Come to him, hear his words, act on them. (Luke 6:46,47)

He goes on to describe what this looks like.

  1. Desire a well-built house; one that is safe, secure, trustworthy and lovely to inhabit.  Jack and I lived through the big earthquake that struck San Francisco in 1989. My home was in Laurel Heights, built on the solid bedrock on a SF hill, his was in the Marina, built on landfill poured into the bay to extend the build-able land-space. My house stood secure, the earthquake hardly noticeable; his shook like beads in a baby rattle and  experienced 100K of damage. It makes a difference where you choose to build your house. “Come to me,” says Jesus…

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