Slow Down

driving-fastIn the world we live in today, we are always in a hurry. We have instant food in the microwave. We drive through and pick up meals which are already prepared. We pay for express lanes on the freeway so we can travel faster to our destination. We have on demand television at the push of a button. We upgrade our internet service so we can surf faster than we did last week. The list goes on and on concerning our need for speed.

I can recall making many trips from North Louisiana to Jacksonville Florida. The trip is supposed to be a twelve hour trip, but for some reason I was doing it in 10.5 hours. Now needless to say I was getting to my halfway point in about 4 to 5 hours including the stops for gas, bathroom, and food. I really thought I was doing something in record breaking time on this journey. What I did not realize during my pursuit for the need of speed, is that I was missing out on the beautiful wonders of God.

When I got married, we decided to take a family trip to Florida. Well, I am still accustomed to breaking the sound barrier when I go somewhere,slow-down-and-enjoy-the-moment but this time it was different. I wasn’t doing the driving, my husband was. He is a man that likes to take his time and enjoy the scenery. Of course you know this really worked my patience and everything else on this trip. He did not drive any faster, neither did he pay me any attention. It took about 15 or so hours for a trip that takes me 10.5 hours. I really thought something was wrong with him, and I would complain about his driving, but after a few family trips to Florida, I began to realize I had missed out on a lot of things by driving so fast.

There is beautiful country in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, that I was missing out on because I was in such a big hurry. As people we are the exact same way. When we begin to rush relationships, life, enjoyment, and many other things, we begin to miss out on the beauty it would bring us if we would just learn how to slow down.

rushing-through-lifeJames 1:4 says, “But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” In order to be perfect, we must learn how to mature, and maturity comes with time and experience. The word entire means “with no part left out.” When we rush there is always something we fail to get, or to grab along the way. Think about it…when you are rushing off to work you leave that hot cup of coffee on the table which is designed to stimulate your thinking process. You have a meeting you are rushing to, but you forget your spreadsheet which lists all of your important details of this quarters report. Or, better yet, because you are in a rush you forget to pick up that anniversary/birthday gift for your spouse or loved one. The word wanting means “lacking in a certain required or necessary quality.” This is where many of our lives and relationships fall apart because we begin to lack quality time for fear of slowing down. Marriages and families are destroyed because we do not slow down long enough to develop the love, nurture, social skills, and quality time which comes with relaxing.

Some of my best meals are prepared in a slow cooker. In the slow cooker the meat is tender, and seasoned thoroughly. When it is cooked thisslow-cooker-mb way, the whole family has pleasure in feasting on its’ savory taste. The aroma of it flows through the home giving all a desire to partake. When chicken is fried too fast, it looks done on the outside, but the inside is raw, and there is no true taste in it to give anyone pleasure. People who are always in a rush are very distasteful to be around because their lack of patience is annoying. But, those who know how to slow down and smell the roses are like a well prepared meal in a slow cooker.

It wasn’t until I got older when I realized I wasted a lot of time in life rushing. I rushed to get out of the house when I was a teenager. I rushed to graduate high school. I rushed to finish the military. I attempted to rush my career. I rushed a previous marriage that did not last. Rushing only leads to disappointment, and disaster. So, slow down, disconnect from everything, and allow life to slowly cook in you the ingredients you need to be a blessing in the lives of others. The greatest home is built on a foundation that was given time to solidify.





4 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. I agree Janice, we are in too much of a rush in this life; God has given us a beautiful and loving family, nature, and another day, before you know it life will pass you by. Some people are wondering were has the time gone, I didn’t get a chance to do many things that I had planned for in my life, now i’m not able to.


    1. Me neither. I have heard a person has not lived life until they have had some regrets. Don’t know how true it is, but I do know I have had some regrets for being in a rush


  2. Thanks for reminding us how important it si to take time to smell the roses. I would like to have contributed some deeper and more meaningful insights, but I’m in too much of a hurry to do other things. [PUN] What you’ve shared is spot on! I hope others will consider the message and begin to chill out and enjoy the journey rather than be so fixed on the destination. God has introduced Himself as the great I AM. He is Ever-Present in the perpetual present-tense. His Eternal existence is always in the NOW. To better appreciate and understand Him, we need to live in the moment more and rush to the future much less.


    1. Thank you friend. Send me your thoughts and wisdom, and we can do a part 2 :). We can never get enough of having a need of patience. Blessings!!!


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