The Worth of a Woman

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Today I encountered an important message that has unfortunately been wrongly placed on the ‘back-burners’ of too many Christian forums. Rarely, if ever, is it given a proper platform. I spend a good part of every morning reading and posting to religious blogs. As a pastor I preached many sermons and taught Bible studies several times a week since 1976. In that time I over-looked this topic. Never intentionally, I just naively never really comprehended its great significance properly.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve had the blessing of being married to the perfect woman for those 40 years. Not that we always agree or never argue, but I’ve come to appreciate that as iron sharpens iron, God has placed her in my life to grind out my rough edges. She also gave birth to my four children, three of whom are incredible women in their own special ways.

I don’t know…

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  1. Janice, I’ve been pre-occupied for several days and just received notice of this re-blog. I am humbled that you thought it worthy of circulation among your followers. Thank you, and may our Lord continue to wonderfully bless your godly efforts n sharing His love with others!


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