The Backside

The backside of the desert near Mt. Horeb is the place where the Lord deals with the true nature of who we are, not the person we proclaim to be, but the person on the inside desiring to be free in Christ. On the backside of the desert we learn the plans and purposes for our lives. All of our mistaken attitudes and personal agendas die in the place where we come to the end of ourselves, and realize that whatever we do for Christ can never be about us. Listen and Be Blessed!

The Lord Who Healeth Thee

Listen as Minister Crittendon expound on God’s Word concerning His desire to heal us from all of our iniquities and all of our diseases. There are many things in our past that holds us back from receiving the blessings of God for our lives. Our thought processes are a major hindrance to us  walking by faith, and the Lord wants to heal us from everything which keeps us from drawing near to Him. Listen and be blessed!

How Well do You Hear?

Our speach is dictated upon what we hear. When our hearing is off, so is our speach. The Bible teaches us that our words have power, and that power comes from hearing God’s voice, and believing what we heard, and declaring it to be so. Hear as we learn from Minister Janice Crittendon on the importance of hearing God’s Word, “You Gotta Hear Clear In Order to Speak Clear.” Be Blessed!

Living the Life God Designed for Us

There is a life designed for us by the Lord. That life has a pattern for us to follow in order to truly see the true blessings and favor of the Lord in our lives. Deuteronomy 28 lays out a pattern for the real blessings of God to be poured into our lives. Listen as Minister Crittendon expound on the Word of God about the blessings overtaking you. Be Blessed!



No matter how long the devil has oppressed you on yesterday, and today, you still have a tomorrow to look forward to. Your tomorrow is surrounded by the plans God has for your life. In order to receive your tomorrow, you must make up in your mind to get up from the place you are in now, and be willing to step in a place you have never been before…tomorrow!   Listen and be blessed