Why You Should Hear God in Your Brokenness

The word broken (according to Google.com) means “having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order. (Of a person) having given up all hope; despairing.

In the book of Exodus, the sixth chapter, God was encouraging the children of Israel of His goodness, and the promises He had for His people. He desired to bless them, bring them out of bondage, take them into a good land, and make them His people. He also promised to deal with the Egyptians for all of the troubles they afflicted upon Israel, and save them.

The children of Israel had been in a hard place for some time. Though they prayed and desired to be released from their present situation, it was hard for them to believe The Lord was really going to deliver them. When the Lord instructed Moses to tell them what He was getting ready to do for them, it was hard for Israel to receive. The scripture says this, “Moses told this to the Israelites, but they would not listen to him, because their spirit had been broken by their cruel slavery.” (Exodus 6:9 GNT). Israel was hurting, and it seemed as if the pain got worse when God promised to deliver them from what they were in.

Does any of this sound familiar? You know in the fairy tales, there is that one girl who is mistreated, and she hope and prays for Prince Charming to come and sweep her off her feet, but the extreme heartache and sorrow tends to break her spirit until she just give up. Or, you can be someone (man or woman) who have been damaged by the sting of love, and because of that sting you do not trust anyone, and you’re not willing to allow anyone into your heart.

What has happened in your life that has caused you stop believing? Who has damaged your tender heart so bad, that when love did come your way, you wouldn’t receive it because of the hardships of life’s false promises? Your situation may seem to be getting worse, but God is preparing to pour His love into your life.

It may be hard for you to hear the call of deliverance and love like it was for the children of Israel, but God is near to deliver. It may be hard for you to believe that God will bring you out of your present heart ache, but He is there pulling at the strings of your heart, telling you that you are His and His alone. He is whispering sweet melodies into your spirit letting you know that He will not hurt you like the others who have hurt you in times past.

God knows you have received many broken promises and shattered dreams, but He is nigh to deliver you. He is close to pull you out of what you’ve been through because He truly does love you.

  • It’s in those darkest moments when the Lord speaks and breathe hope into our souls which once lost hope.
  • It’s in our moments that seem we cannot get a breakthrough that God delivers us by his mighty arm.
  • It’s in those low points where we do not have a song of praise that God births a new song into our spirit man and we can sing songs of joy again.

The Lord wants to heal the broken in heart, and bind up their wounds (Psalm 147:3)

Sometimes we may act out because of the hurt we experience, just like the children of Israel did with Moses, but this is what God says about that, “I am the high and holy God, who lives forever. I live in a high and holy place, but I also live with people who are humble and repentant, so that I can restore their confidence and hope. I have seen how they acted, but I will heal them. I will lead them and help them, and I will comfort those who mourn. I offer peace to all, both near and far! I will heal my people.” (Isaiah 57:15, 18-19 GNT).

So, I encourage you my brother, my sister; hear God in your brokenness because He desires to make you whole and renew you like a fresh morning day. Allow Him to give you peace from the pain of being hurt or disappointed. Allow Him to help you deal with the hurt. Allow His Holy Spirit to comfort you in your heart, and dry those tears you cry in the late midnight hour. God can heal, and He can deliver.

Go a Little Further

“And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” Matthew 26:39

Jesus left the crowd. He left the twelve disciples. In Gethsemane He even left the three who were closest to Him, went a  little further and fell on His face and prayed, “Not as I will, but as thou wilt.” It was here, face-to-face with His Father, that He found strength to handle this crisis and the wisdom to know what to do will be yours if you’ll just go a little further, stay in My presence a little longer, and dig a little deeper in My Word. If only you knew how close you are to the answer!”Jesus was only a few hours away from the cross, a few days away from the resurrection, and on the threshold of launching the church. Are you in Gethsemane? Sometimes surrendering  your will to God is hard, isn’t it? Look at Jesus. Before heaven accepted the sacrifice of a broken body, it demanded the sacrifice of a broken will.

Have you surrendered to God? Why do we trust others so easily while God longs for us to Trust Him? You go to a doctor whose name you can’t pronounce, get  a prescription you can’t read, take it to a pharmacist you don’t know, get medicine you don’t understand, and take it with confidence. Why is it so much easier to have confidence in these “unknowns” than in God, Who is faithful in every way? The answer lies in where you place your trust. Trust comes from knowing someone intimately, listening to them, and spending time with them. it doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time.

Taken from The Word for You Today: Wednesday November 19, 2014



Pain Killers Don’t Fix the Problem

Ouch!!! IT HURTS!!!! I CAN’T MOVE!!!!!

This is what I said when my left ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) was torn while playing basketball at a family reunion. A relative had come down on my knee while playing ball, and I heard a popping sound in my knee and I went to the ground squirming like a worm. That was the worst pain that I have ever felt in my entire life. My aunt immediately rushed me to the hospital, and the doctor stated that I sprained my knee. I was happy to know that because I had driven a standard to the family reunion, and I wasn’t going to make it back home with a broken knee. Little did I know that there was more to this so called sprained knee than I realized.x_acl_tear

In life we have some sprains and twists that can be worse than what we see on the surface. Sometimes life can deal us a hard blow that makes us want to reach for the pain killers to make the pain go away. I had many episodes of my knee going out, but because the doctor stated that I kept spraining the same knee, I was given an exceptional amount of pain killers to numb the pain. Though the pain killers numbed the pain, and it made me feel good, I was doing more damage to my knee than I realized.

When a person has been dealt a tremendous blow to his/her life, we can become depressed or suicidal. When we begin to feel this way, sometimes, our counselor or doctor will prescribe medication to help numb the trauma that we have faced. Though the pain of the situation has been temporarily relieved, the problem is still there. Sometimes medication is only a stumbling block to the real issue. It is not a means to an end.

It took 6 months before anyone found out that something was wrong with me. I was in the military at the time, so you can’t have a bum knee and be effective. My knee was giving out on a regular basis just with simple movements. I couldn’t play basketball anymore. Stepping off my bed while attempting to clean would cause my knee to give out. Running would cause it to swell and give out. I had reached the point where I had enough of pain killers giving me a temporary fix, and not getting to the root of the problem. I NEEDED SOME HELP!!!!!depression

When a person is depressed and suicidal, medication can only give a temporary fix because when the medication wears off, the problem that is inside the person will arise and take over. I am not saying that depression is the only thing, but there are many psychotropic drugs on the market that alter the mood of the individual taking it. These drugs will numb the situation, and cause us to be sleep walkers, or the walking dead. Though these pills have altered our mood, the problem is still there. These problems are just like my torn ACL. The more I numbed it, the more damage I was doing to it. This went on for so long that when I did get the problem fixed, my ACL was completely gone, and the meniscus (which is the cushion between the femur and the tibia/ upper and lower leg) was starting to wear away. pain-killer-250x250

When we numb our problems, and never get to the root of it, we are causing more damage to our lives than we could ever imagine. We have to be mindful of prescription medication because their root goes back to the Greek word pharmakeia, in which we call pharmacy today. The word also meant, to administer a drug, spell, or sorcery. Make sure that whatever you do, you pray about it because the Lord desire for us to be made whole from all manner of sickness and disease. The Lord is a present help in the time of trouble, and though it may be tough to face the pain of life, we can conquer all with the help of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the balm that is in Gilead, and the healing medicine that HE prescribes will never have a side effect.


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